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Bob Feller `You're Out!` (of life)

Hall of Famer Bob Feller is dead at 92, and 3 players benefited from the late-game shake-up: Brave Sir Robin becomes the second player of the game to get 5 hits and moves from 7th into 2nd place, while Judith Place and Chuck Daley each bag their third hits.

Congrats, all!

Blurb Credit: John Downey


Elizabeth Edwards

Elizabeth Edwards is dead at 61, and 8 people picked her: Bob Razem extends his lead and becomes the first player this year to get 5 hits.

Kevin Byrnes and Joe Biasi each pick up their 4th.

Mike Spinney and both Kelly Keegan`s Primary Kelly and Craig....the 3peat Lists see their 3rd.

Finally - Grady Harmon and Brooke Newsguy each grab their second.

Congrats, all!


Santo gives Roche a leg up in the standings

Former Cubs player and sportscaster Ron Santo is dead at 70, giving Mike Roche's List 3 his second hit and first solo of the game. Mike's list goes from 35th to 17th place.

Congratulations, Mike!


Can't believe that it took almost 3 years for this rule to be used

Canadian comedian Irwin Barker died at the age of 58 five months ago, on June 22. I first learned of his death a few days ago, and I've been grappling with how to handle it since then. However, there's really not much to think about - it's pretty clear in the rules: If a person's death occurred more than 7 days before SUFFICIENT media coverage of their death, then that person will be disqualified, and no points will be awarded.

The key word there, of course, being SUFFICIENT. Barker's death did not show up on any of the sites that I frequent, undoubtedly because they have a primarily US focus. The sad part is that I actually recognized Barker's name, but the lack of coverage of his death very clearly indicates that he did not have the necessary level of fame required by our rules. Therefore, I have no choice but to declare him NOT FAMOUS and mark him as DQ on Mike Spinney's list.

I've discussed this with Mike, and he said that he'd seen the announcement at the time, but had forgotten that he'd picked him in our game, and so didn't bother informing me of it. Would I have allowed it if I'd known in June? Ahhhh.... well, that's a question for another time, isn't it? The takeaway from this is: if it seems that I'm not responding quickly enough (say: within a day) to the death of one of your picks, please let me know.

Outside of that - I'm preparing the Official Invite for 2011, I hope that you're all getting your lists updated!


Pat Burns gives up a hat trick

NHL Coach Pat Burns is dead at 58, and three players hit the ice for the point: Bob Razem gets his 4th hit of the game, and takes the lead. Kevin Byrnes scores his 3rd hit, and Mike Spinney see his 2nd.

Congrats, all!


Maurice Lucas

I'm a little late in reporting this, but former NBA all-star Maurice Lucas died on Sunday at the age of 58. I saw it at the time, but got caught up in my day's activities and then forgot to update until Bob Razem rattled my cage, as he was looking for his solo. This is Bob's third hit, and he moves from 12th to 6th place.

Congrats, Bob!


Unhappy Days for all but one

Sarah Jane Wallace`s 5 year SOLO vigil for Tom Bosley has come to an end. I believe that this might be the longest that anybody has been the ONLY person to keep a celeb on their list. (although he was picked 2 times before Sarah Jane first picked him.) This is Sarah Jane`s first hit of the year, and she moves from 58th to 38th place.

Congrats, Sarah Jane!


Leave It To Reaper!

Everybody's favorite 50's TV mom, Barbara Billingsley, is dead at 94, and 4 players picked Mrs. Cleaver: Clint Place's Clint's 90-Plus List and Brave Sir Robin each get their 4th hit and move from 8th and 9th to 2nd and 4th place.

Carol Ann Daley and Natalie Tyler's Let's Hear It For the Girls List make the board with their first hits.

Congratulations, all!


Better call Manimal Control!

Simon MacCorkindale, star of the greatest sci-fi TV show featuring man-animal shapeshifters that the 80's ever produced - MANIMAL, is dead at 58, transforming Kevin Byrnes from a 38th-place benchwarmer into a 2-hit 13th place SOLO HITTING MACHINE!!!

(Ok, seriously - that write up was like Masterpiece Theater compared to MANIMAL. But I still loved the show anyway!)

Congrats, Kevin!


Some Like it Hot, Curtis Would Take it Warm

Tony Curtis is dead at 85, giving Toe Tag his/her second hit of the game and their first career solo. Mr/Ms Tag moves from 51st to 24th place.

Congrats, Toe Tag!

Blurb credit: Spinn


Her heart won't go on

Actress Gloria Stuart died Sunday at the age of 100, and 4 players picked her: Brad Hope and Rich Holland's 100% Dead Meat List each get their 4th hit of the year as they move up to 2nd and 3rd place.

Natalie Tyler's Old Friends List records her 3rd, while Candy York's Mishmash List sees hit #2.

Congrats, all!


You're Next!!!

Actor Kevin McCarthy is dead at 96, giving Natalie Tyler's M is the Deadliest Letter List her first solo of the game and her second hit, moving her from 44th to 28th place.

Congrats, Natalie!


Tour de Death

Two-time Tour de France winner Laurent Fignon has died at the age of 50, causing KDP 2004 Champ Bob Razem to jump to the head of the 2-hit peloton and take up 11th place with his second hit and FIRST* solo of the game. Bob is also now our leader in Career Solos with this, his 8th. (Yes, that page is still messed up for the "Best Standing" column.) FIXED!

Congrats, Bob!

*Yeah, I'm an idiot - in my email announcement I said that this was Bob's second solo of the game, when it's his first. Sorry for the confusion!


Dirge Along With Mitch

Band leader Mitch Miller died on the 31st, and the news is just coming out now. (I've had a long-standing suspicion that some celeb deaths are withheld from the news if they happen on a weekend. I'm not saying that's the case here, of course - but take a look at our game's Hit Distribution to see that Monday is the day with the most hits. (Of course, the page is both out of date and contradicting me for this year. Also: I suck!)).

In any event, Miller was picked by 6 players, including Clint Place's Clint's 90-Plus List, Brad Hope, Brave Sir Robin, Michelle Stoken's List 2 and Rich Holland's 100% Dead Meat List, all of which see their third hit of the game. Meanwhile, Natalie Tyler's M is the Deadliest Letter List makes the board for the first time this year.

Congrats, all!


Schorr Leave

Journalist Daniel Schorr is making the news today on the word that he's given Rich Place his 5th career solo and 2nd hit of the game. Rich moves from 41st to 13th place.

Congratulations, Rich!

Blurb credit: Rich Place!


God hates the Yankees

George Steinbrenner is dead at 80, giving us our first 4-hitter as Russ McDonald solidifies his lead.

Candy York's Hodgepodge List and Bob Broadhurst see their 3rd hits.

Mike Roche's List 4 and List 2, Kelly Keegan's Kelly and Craig....the 3peat List and News Guy Craig all get hit #2.

Terry Csipkes's List 2 List and Natalie Tyler's Bye, George! List make the board for the first time.

Congrats, all!


Now buried...number 22...Bob Sheppard....Sheppard

Lost in the excitement of the World Cup Finals yesterday, I totally forgot to put out an update about Bob Sheppard, who'd just announced a solo hit for Joe Biasi. Joe becomes the third player to get a third hit this year, and he moves up from 8th to 3rd place. Interestingly, this is also Joe's third career solo. (Yes, I see the BEST STANDING bug on that page now - I'll fix it when I can).

So: sorry for the delay, Joe, but Congrats just the same!

Blurb credit: Rich Holland


Byrd Flipped

Senator Robert C. Byrd died yesterday at the age of 92, and 11 players picked him, including Russ McDonald, who gets his third hit of the game and moves into the lead.

Joe Biasi, Judith Place, Joyce Shelby's JS STARTING LINE-UP List, J.R. MacDonald and Chuck Daley all see their second hit.

Andrew Gonzalez, Cyn Hechinger, Candy York's Mishmash List, Nathan Raupach and Natalie Tyler's Politicians and Proseletyzers List all make the board for the first time this year.

Congrats, all! (Hard to believe we're at the halfway point already! )

Blurb credit: Mike Spinney


John Wooden: stiff as a board

Legenday coach John Wooden is dead at 99, giving us our biggest hit this year with 13 players getting a hit: Mike Roche becomes the first player this year to get three hits, which of course moves him into first place.

Infant powerhouse Alyssa Valentine gets her second hit in as many days, while her daddy Jeremy Valentine, Kelly Keegan, Brad Hope, (canine not human) Clint Place's Clint's 90-Plus List, Terry Csipkes, Michelle Stoken's List 2 and Rich Holland's 100% Dead Meat List all get their second hit.

Joyce Shelby's JS STARTING LINE-UP List, Natalie Tyler's I'm Ready for my Close-Up, Mr. Reaper List, John Downey and Charlie Daley all make the board with their first.

Congrats, everybody

Blurb credit: Joyce Shelby



Golden Girl Rue McClanahan is dead at 76, and 2 players thanked her for ... you know... everybody else is going there, so I'm not going to bother. Following on Dennis Hopper's heels with his second hit in 4? 5! no - 6 days (MATH IS HARD!), (the human, not canine) Clint Champion's Thought Out Choices List moves into First place.

And quite possibly our youngest player to get a hit: Alyssa Valentine scores her first just 13 days before her FIRST birthday.

Congratulations, Clint and Alyssa!


Hopping into the grave

Dennis Hopper is dead, man! Three players picked him, including Candy York's Hodgepodge List and Russ McDonald, each of which get their second hit and move into first and third place.

Clint Champion's Thought Out Choices List makes the board for the first time.

Congrats, all!

Blurb credit: Madison Kaufman (In case you couldn't tell that it was written by a 12 year-old)


Art Dead Letter

Art Linkletter is dead at 97, and nine players picked him: Mike Roche takes the lead with his second hit of the game. Doug Sing, Natalie Tyler's Old Friends List and Brave Sir Robin also score a second hit.

Clint Place's Clint's 90-Plus List, Gene Kaufman (FINALLY!), Michelle Stoken's List 2, Chuck Daley and Toe Tag all make the board with their first hit.

Congrats, all!



Ronnie James Dio is dead at 67, and Jeremy Valentine picks up a solo as he jumps to 2nd place

Congrats, JVal!

Blurb credit: Mike Spinney (who truly came up with a much better blurb than I did and not at all because he whined about it last time)


Lena Horne

Lena Horne is dead at 92. I didn't realize that she was that old, but Rich Place and Natalie Tyler's Old Friends List did, as they each see their first hit and move up to 19th and 29th place.

Congratulations, Rich and Natalie!


Hardly well

Big-time sportscaster Ernie Harwell is dead at 92 and 11 players picked him, including Bob Broadhurst who becomes the first player in this game to get a second hit. Obviously he's moved into the lead. I'll have to crunch the numbers at some point, but this is definitely pushing it for the latest second hit.

And we have 10 players getting to the scoreboard for the first time this game: Kelly Keegan, Sheila Place, Bob Razem, Joe Biasi, Kevin Byrnes, Bonnie Dell, Kelly Keegan's Kelly and Craig....the 3peat List, Brooke Newsguy, Mike Spinney, News Guy Craig

Congrats, All!


Charlie's got a new set of Angels to boss around

John Forsythe is dead at 92, and we've got 7 beautiful players that went to work for him. Amazingly, we've still not gotten a player with a second hit this year. Natalie Tyler's The C Files List and Bob Broadhurst move into the top 10 at 8th and 9th. In addition - Candy York's Hodgepodge List, Terry Csipkes, Doug Sing, Judith Place and Russ McDonald all hit the scoreboard, as well.

Congrats, all!


Stewart, U Dead!

Former Interior Secretary Stewart Udall is dead at 90, and J.R. MacDonald grabs a solo to become the 12th player with a single hit, and settles into 10th place.

Congrats, J.R.!


Fearsome Father Murphy Dead

Merlin Olsen has died at the age of 69, and Joyce Shelby's JS BENCH List gets the solo, as her list fearsomely flies up from 30th to 2nd place.

Congrats, Joyce!!


Happy Valentines Day, Brad!

Mystery writer Dick Francis is dead at 89, and Brad Hope gets his first hit of the year. His solo propels him into 8th place.

Congrats, Brad!


Coming soon: Keanu Reeves in Catcher In The Rye!

Author J D Salinger is dead at 91, and only three players had him: Natalie Tyler's Writing Oneself to Death List, Myriam Shelby and Brave Sir Robin. All are getting their first hit of the game, and end up as 6th, 7th, and 8th in the standings.

Congrats, you phonies!


Come into the Light. ALL ARE WELCOME!

Poltergeist's Midget Dwarf Little Person Munchkin Psychic Zelda Rubinstein is dead at 76. For those who didn't realize it - SHE was the celeb that I mentioned at the beginning of the game that was close to death. Obviously, she held on a little bit to give our 2 players (and 5 lists) a bit of a worry.

Mike Roche takes the lead, with Grady Harmon right behind him. Mike Roche's List 2, List 4 and List 3 fill out the rest of the hits. (They aren't in order because he had her ranked differently on each list.)

Congrats, Grady and Mike x4!


Courageous lady with a goofy name

Anne Frank's savior Miep Gies is dead at 100, and Rich Holland's 100% Dead Meat List takes an early lead with the first hit - and first solo of the game.

Congrats, Rich!


KDP 2010 underway!

I've got most of the kinks ironed out of the new game, and it's all live now!

Let the dying begin!!

Note that I'm still having issues with 2 or 3 lists and haven't included them at this point, but since we could be moments away from hearing about a certain celeb's death, I wanted to get the lists posted right away. I'll put up the missing lists once I've got them cleared up.

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